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Personal stories inspire giving by showing how people in need have benefitted from contributions through the Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas. Personal stories can be included in speeches, shared at campaign events, used as good news articles in your local installation newspaper or sent as inspirational e-mails throughout the campaign.

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Vegetables Make All the Difference

Eugenie is 49 years old and HIV positive. A Burundi native, the closest HIV support group to her is at a CFC-O supported clinic that’s a 2-hour mountainous hike away from her home. Despite the distance, Eugenie attends the clinic’s community service activities every Friday. In doing so, Eugenie learned about the clinic’s women’s agricultural training program.

New Life After Typhoon Haiyan

When Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, the storm devastated homes, hospitals and critical infrastructure alike, and left an estimated 3.43 million people displaced. While the loss of a home and access to medical care would be terrible for anyone, it was especially harrowing for Hazel. Pregnant with her first child, Hazel gave birth to Yole during the storm.
Hazel and her husband’s joy at bringing a healthy baby girl into the world quickly turned to worry—their home was destroyed and they had nowhere to turn for shelter. How would Yole survive?

Saving Gifford

Gifford sat on the porch of a small, unoccupied cabin with a “For Sale” sign posted nearby. He was all alone, covered in matted fur and had no prospects for shelter as winter approached. A CFC-O-supported charity found him and brought him back to their shelter to care for him.
The charity shaved off more than three pounds of matted fur, cleaned him up, and gave him some much needed love.

Education Saves At-Risk Girls in Nepal

A native of Nepal, Phul Maya is a student. Her status as such is a blessing. In many Nepali communities, female children like Phul Maya are viewed as a burden: they earn less income and are often forced to marry at a young age, offering little incentive for parents to invest in their future.

Guide Dogs Erase Boundaries

With a guide dog, someone who is blind or visually impaired can live without boundaries: crossing the street independently becomes a moment of liberation; traveling alone around the world becomes a possibility; embracing new experiences becomes an everyday occurrence.  
Kolby Garrison of Georgia has been blind since birth. “I’ve always known I wanted a dog,” she says. In 2008, Kolby’s dream came true when she was partnered with a guide dog from a CFC-O-supported organization.

New Best Friend Brings Hope to a Vet

When Tom* returned from serving in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he was deeply changed. He looked the same, but he was fundamentally different inside. Tom suffered from invisible wounds called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury. 
Tom became a recluse, staying by his wife’s side, declining to travel or eat at restaurants. This went on for five long years. Then, one day, all that changed.

Simple Acts Make a Big Difference

Though the hardships of extended deployments and separations are nothing new to United States uniformed service members and their families, this does not make them any easier to endure. One CFC-supported organization steps in to help by sending care packages to deployed service members to give them a taste of home.
Many men and women serving overseas never receive any mail.

Unlikely Cancer Patient Receives Support

Emily Bennett Taylor and her husband, Miles, were about to purchase their first home and celebrate their second wedding anniversary when a nagging cough, originally diagnosed as asthma, caused Emily to request a chest x-ray. The hazy picture led to an immediate CT scan and biopsy, and within the week, the young couple received the unfathomable news that Emily, a non-smoker, had Stage IV lung cancer. While Emily was hiking and running softball bases, adenocarcinoma had taken over her right lung and spread into her pleural lining and lymph nodes.

Bringing Hope by Making Treatment Possible

Elijah Talley was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma in August of 2005 when he was just four years old. After nearly a year of high-dose chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant and radiation, Elijah's horrible disease returned. His family made the difficult decision to seek treatment 1,200 miles from their home. 
Traveling great distances to seek out advanced treatment options is not uncommon for families who have a child battling a form of “rare” childhood cancer for which treatment options are limited.

Seven-Year-Old Amber Fights Cancer With Some Help

Amber, age 7, is living with cancer and often has to deal with being poked and prodded by doctors. She hated it and would often cry and argue each time she was faced with a needle. Amber’s mother brought her to a cancer class hosted by a CFC-O-supported charity. The class teaches young cancer patients to be strong and find peace when faced with fear and adversity.