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Simple Surgeries Save Vision

At the age of 17, Asheef was faced with a harsh reality—he was going blind. For some time he had been blind in one eye, which made him a target for humiliation at the hands of his peers who teased him and called him names. But worse than that, Asheef was beginning to lose vision in his other eye.
He was worried about meeting his familial obligations. As the only son, his help on the family’s small farm was not only expected, it was necessary for their survival. He was also concerned for his future. If he went completely blind, he would not be able to finish his studies. And with without that opportunity, he feared he would not be able to find work and care for his aging parents.
Thankfully, a CFC-O supported charity stepped in to provide him with two sight-saving surgeries—one for each eye. Today, Asheef is ready to complete his studies and hopes to one day become a police officer.