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Helping Children Succeed One Show at a Time

A CFC-O-supported charity puts on children’s theater productions. The productions give children a chance to have some fun and focus their attention on a project that allows them to build skills and achieve success. Below is a thank you letter from a volunteer who saw first-hand what a difference this charity has made in the lives of military families.
“I've played piano for [a CFC-O supported charity] almost every year since my first show in Misawa, Japan, around 1993. My husband and I are now retired from overseas teaching, and I play for one to two different schools here in central Washington, USA each year.
“I absolutely love [this charity], and truly believe it changes lives regularly. I've had countless fantastic experiences over these many years. It's an especially powerful positive influence on military kids. When we taught in Illesheim, Germany, the war in Iraq had just started. It was my first time teaching with Army kids, whose Dads or Moms had just left for a year's deployment. There's no way to explain the stress these families experience.
“Please believe that [this CFC-O supported charity] was a true life saver for me, and for so many of those Illesheim kids. Thank heaven we did two shows during my three years in Illesheim! The positive impact lasted way beyond that magical week. The kids who participated, and the families who supported and watched the shows, were uplifted and encouraged in countless ways. They continued to talk about it the rest of the school year, and looked at the pictures on display every time they passed by. It was such a ray of hope and major highlight, for the kids, and for me! The need is profound. Those kids and families sure deserve the tremendous benefits [this charity] brings! What a marvelous way to ‘serve those who serve.’ Thanks for all you do!”