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A Young Cancer Patient Learns to Breathe Through the Pain

When Daunte was born he was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease. At 2 years old Daunte began a 5-year chronic transfusion program as a result of complications from his sickle cell. Eventually he needed to have surgery as well.
Daunte had a hard time with treatments and with the constant pain. When Daunte needed blood work or an IV, it took his mom and 2 – 3 nurses to hold him still. At that point one of his doctors suggested taking him to a Sickle Cell program run by a CFC-O-supported charity. Daunte’s mother enrolled him and his two brothers (one who also has sickle cell) in the program right away.
Since participating in the program, Daunte’s mom calls him “a true testimonial.” Daunte uses his power breathing whenever he has a pain episode. His mom told the story of a nurse walking into Daunte’s room and asking him what he was doing. He responded that he was doing his power breathing. As Daunte told his mom “It works!”
Daunte’s mom said he now does his power breathing for all his treatments, IVs, blood draws, etc. She and the nurses no longer have to hold him still for any of it! Daunte calms himself and breathes through the pain. On the rare occasion Daunte forgets to do his power breathing, his brothers are quick to remind him.
Daunte’s mom summed it up when she said “I love it! I absolutely love it-that he has found something to help himself!”