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CFC-O Wins Four OPM Campaign Awards

The 2013 Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas (CFC-O) has been awarded the National CFC Innovator Award for the seventh consecutive year. In addition to this award, three of the CFC-O’s representatives have earned CFC Hero Awards. In 2013, the campaign raised nearly $11 million in pledges to help those in our military communities, across the nation, and around the word. 
The OPM CFC Innovator Award recognized the 2013 CFC-O for its innovative campaign strategies to counteract some of the challenging circumstances during this year’s campaign: government shutdown, redeployment of troops from Afghanistan, reduction and movement of troops due to restructuring in Europe, and late release of the new pledging option via myPay. In the end, these innovative strategies helped the 2013 CFC-O outperform many other CFCs by 7 to 17 percent.
CFC Hero Awards are presented annually to the campaign’s unsung heroes who make significant differences and demonstrate leadership qualities in their campaigns. Of the three CFC-O campaign representatives nominated for this honor, the maximum number of nominations allowed per CFC, all three were awarded the CFC Hero Award.
  • U.S. Army Sergeant Richard F. Konish volunteered more than 80 hours of personal time to plan, organize and execute multiple fundraising and awareness events throughout the campaign period. 
  • U.S. Army Captain Brian Dillard’s dedication and leadership inspired his unit to achieve a participation rate six percentage points higher than the average for the region, despite being in a deployed location.
  • U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Jordan Orr’s dedication, creativity and refusal to allow challenges to interrupt the CFC's mission of caring, led his unit to achieving a 45 percent increase in pledges over 2012 results.
“The CFC-O is honored to be recognized by OPM for our efforts and achievements in the 2013 campaign,” said Victoria Adams, Executive Director of the CFC-O. “We are especially thrilled that three of our campaign representatives won Hero Awards.” She continued, “The uniformed and civilian men and women serving overseas are dedicated and generous—each day they live the spirit of the campaign ‘Serve to honor your country. Give because you care.’”
The 2014 CFC-O kicks off on September 8.