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CFC-O Structure

The CFC is made up of local campaigns that organize the annual fundraising effort in Federal workplaces in the United States and abroad.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

OPM regulates the CFC and provides guidance and oversight to the local campaigns.

The Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC)

The LFCC serves as a "Board of Directors" for the local campaign. The LFCC for the CFC-O is comprised of members of DoD. The LFCC selects a Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) to administer the day-to-day operations of the campaign and to serve as its fiscal agent. The LFCC ensures that the campaign conforms to all regulations and policies of OPM.

LFCC Members

  • Michael L. Rhodes, Chairman, LFCC CFC-O; Director, Administration & Management, DoD
  • Susan Yarwood, Vice Chair, LFCC CFC-O; Director, Washington Headquarters Services, DoD
  • Captain Jen Gundayao (USN), J-1 Representative, Joint Staff
  • Marcia Case, Director, Financial Management Directorate, Washington Headquarters Services, DoD
  • John McCarthy, General Counsel, Washington Headquarters Services, DoD
  • Anthony De Cristofaro, Executive Director, LFCC CFC-O, Division Chief, Communications & Engagement Office (WHS-EM)

LFCC Overseas Combatant Command Representatives

  • Major Frank Pena, USPACOM
  • Lieutenant Colonel Armando Freire, USSOUTHCOM
  • Mel Hamner, USEUCOM
  • Major John Henderson, USCENTCOM
  • Major Lily Oberiano-Bayasen, U.S. Africa Command

CFCO Organizational Chart


Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO)

Global Impact, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, serves as the PCFO for the CFC-O. Global Impact has staff members in Virginia, Germany and Japan who work directly with overseas campaign representatives to ensure CFC-O success.

Overseas Campaign Representatives

The CFC-O includes approximately 300,000 federal employees in all five overseas unified combatant commands: United States Africa Command, United States Central Command, United States Pacific Command, United States European Command and United States Southern Command. To provide a 100% informed opportunity to give to all of these potential contributors, the CFC-O relies upon a network of 6,000+ campaign representatives.

Each command appoints a Program Manager to manage the operation of the campaign at the command level. Within the command, the subordinate commands (or components) appoint Component Managers to manage the operation of the campaign at the component level. At the installation level, a team of two Community/Area Project Officers (CAPO) manage the campaign. Unit Coordinators manage the campaign at the reporting unit level and recruit Keypersons within the unit to approach potential contributors to ask for a donation. We recommend a ratio of one Keyperson to every 20-50 potential contributors.